Archer OpTx manufactures CNC precision machined and PerfectLensTM ultra-precision molded glass aspheric lenses for the precision optics industry. These advanced lens element manufacturing processes provide the opportunity for rapid prototyping and then a path for ultra-precision high volume production. Archer OpTx has now used these advantages to bring you three fixed focus assemblies we call SIVA Series (System Imaging Vision Assembly).




Hi-Res Wide Angle


Sensor Format: 1/2.3"

Focal Length: 5.5 mm

f/#: 2.5

2.5FFOV (D/H/V): 70°/60°/46°

Back Focal Length: 3.0 mm

Effective Aperture: 10.9 mm

Distortion: 2.00%

Iris: Fixed

MTF: 250 lp/mm - 300 lp/mm

Relative Corner Illumination: 60%

Mount: M12x0.35

Total Optical Track: 22 mm

mmFilter: IR Cut Filter

Dimensions: 13.5mm x 19mm


Hi-Res Wide Angle


Sensor Format: 1/2.3"

Focal Length: 42 mm

f/#: 2.4

2.5FFOV (D/H/V): 10°/8°/6°

Back Focal Length: 5.0 mm

Effective Aperture: 17.5 mm

Distortion: 0.10%

Iris: Fixed

MTF: 350 lp/mm

Relative Corner Illumination: 99.60%

Mount: M18x0.5

Total Optical Track: 58 mm

mmFilter: IR Cut Filter

Dimensions: 32mm x 58.2mm



58.2mmUltra-precision lens elements and mechanics allow the completed assembly to function very near the computer design model with SIVA I & II at FOV of 70° and SIVA III at FOV of 11°. SIVA I delivers 250 lp/mm and SIVA II 300 lp/mm for resolution matching to a 10 MP sensor. When 15 MP matched optical and electronic resolution is your goal, SIVA III is the answer. The matched resolution enables the highest quality image from your high resolution sensor.

Custom SIVA Series camera lenses are designed for the sophisticated demands of today's optical systems and the understanding that precision necessarily drives decision. Archer OpTx offers the imaging and machine vision industry what could be its most optimal resource yet – high precision lens manufacturing, a core of recognized photonics experts with an unwavering commitment to precision optics, awless integration, and rapid delivery.