Acceptable Lens Shapes

Most biconvex, plano-convex and mild mensicus shapes.



Unacceptable Lens Shapes

Biconcave lenses, steep meniscus lenses, and lenses with severe features (e.g. a bump on a convex surface).



Design Guidelines

      · Generally, the edge thickness=0.5 to 2.0 x center thickness.


      · The volume of the lens (including flanges), V = 4/3pr3,         where r is the smallest local convex radius.


      · The design should be able to tolerate 0.010 mm of lateral         shear between surfaces plus 5 microns TIR of wedge

        (across  the part without considering the lateral shear) to
        be considered robust


CNC details:

     · Any molded glass lenses may be edged to a        smaller diameter on a special order basis.        Minimum order quantites apply.


     · All of the listed lenses are unmounted. Lenses        can be suppliedin metal housings upon request.


     · Click here for the Standard "A" and "B" BBAR        coating curves."C", custom VAR, BBAR and

       SLAR coatings also available on special order        basis. The L671-Z ships with the X coating

       (blue shifted A coating) standard.


      · RMS wavefront error <0.05 waves; L671 RMS         wave front error < 0.06 waves @ 408 nm.  



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